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We are proud to be members of the Patriot Detachment #1230 – Marine Corps League, located in Richboro, PA.  “Once a Marine, always a Marine”

To view a slideshow of our detachment members in their Marine Corps days click on the following link http://animoto.com/play/4008c3009c874c85c83c60b5fc5ea6cb .

We are very involved in our community as shown in the following link http://animoto.com/play/a55bdcd89423f5565a47ef8ccc60810b

Member Then (once a Marine) Now (always a Marine)
Henry Apice Deceased 1/13/15 Apice_boot1943-1945 Apice_Mar15_2006Small2006
William Aschinger Aschinger3-25-09SM12005-2009 Aschinger_4-15-092009
Donald Barder DonBarder19851985-1989 Barder12-13-09SM2009
Ted BehrensLife Member Behrens19431943-1946 BehrensTed_2006a2006
Tom Bodkin 1993-1997 Bodkin_Tom_April19_2006SM2006
Richard J. Brennan Brennan_boot1968-1969 Brennan_March2007sm2007
Gus Cales (Sgt. at Arms)Life Member CalesOldCorpsPhoto1968-1977 Cales11-16-2011sm2011
Brian Canning (Judge Advocate) 2004-present Active Reserve Canning5-16-12sm2012
John (Bill) W. Clark (former Quartermaster)Deceased 2/6/11Life Member Clark_John19431943-1946 ClarkB_Mar15_2006Small2006
Michael B. Clark Mike Clark_boot1970-1976 ClarkM_Mar15_2006mall2006
Neil A. Clark (Sr. Vice Commandant)Life Member NeilClarkBootSM1966-1972 NeilClark2-18-152015
Jimmy Clendennen ClendennenJimmy_19671967-1970 Clendennen_Mar15_2006small2006
Ronald Cookson 1976-2002 Cookson2-20-13sm2013
Edward R. Cotton III (active military) Ed Cotton active2009-Present Cotton_12-15-10sm2010
Paul F. Day, Jr. Day_Paul_boot1973-1977 DayPaul20062006
Pearson Crosby (Trustee) Crosby-DressBlues2004-2008 Crosby5-20-092009
Anthony F. Derago(Deceased 3/20/06)Life Member  Derago_Tony
Matthew Devlin MattDevlinOld2005-2009 Devlin_4-15-092009
Darwin Dobson(Deceased 10/11/14)Life Member Dobson_boot1943-1946 Dobson20072007
William A. Dunn BillDunn1943SM1943 Dunn_April19_2006SM2006
Joseph Fabrizio Fabrizio&Bush1953-1973 Fabrizio_12-14-08SMheadshot2009
Thomas F. Fenerty Fenerty_Boot1967-1968 Fenerty_Mar15_2006small2006
Carl E. Fricke 1960-1991 Fricke_Mar15_2006small2006
John T. Frain, Jr. (Chaplain) FrainBoot1980-1987 Frain_Feb21_2007SM2007
Richard W. GreskoNavy Cross Recipient Gresko_Boot1969-1975 Gresko20062006
James Griffin GriffinJuly9_2003a2003
Michael J. Harding HardingOldCorps1993-1997 2011
Robert S. Hartzell(Deceased 9/15/09)Life Member 1951-1953 Hartzell20062006
John C. Heenan, Life Member Heenan_Boot1969-1975 Heenan_April19_2006SM2006
Joseph F. Hogan, III Hogan1968Vietnam1967-1970 Hogan9-18-13sm2013
Robert A. Hood, Sr.(Deceased 2/23/2014)Life Member Hood_1949SM1949-1952 Hood_Mar15_2006Small2006
Robert Hubbard 1965-1969 Hubbard_Feb2009SM2007
Edward R. Johnson(Deceased 6/5/08)Life Member Ed Johnson_boot1942-1945 Ed Johnson_20062006
Michal A. Kamedula KamedulaCorps12005-2008 Kamedula_6-15-11sm2011
George Kelly (Past Commandant) GKelly_Corporal1967-1971 Kelly_George_April19_2006SM2006
John C. Koutsouros (Jr. Vice Commandant) Koutsouroas_Boot1965-1971 Koutsouros_20062006
Michael A. Lecker (Adjutant)Life Member Lecker_boot1970-1974 Lecker_Feb21_2007SM2007
John H. Lindenmuth (Deceased 2/7/2011) 1942-1945 Lindenmuth_20072007
James McPeak McPeak19691969 McPeakPresent2007
Shawn Nichols 2005-2010 Nichols4-18-12sm2012
Harry C. Niemann, III (Trustee)Life Member NiemannBoot1952-1957 Niemann_Oct20072007
William J. O’Hara OHara_9-5-072006-2009 OHara_3-17-102010
Sean Ours SeanOursBootDressBlues3sm2002-2014 Ours2011sm2011
Peter F. Palestina (Paymaster, Webmaster)Life Member PPtest11966-1972 Palestina_Mar15_2006Small2006
Charles Peacock 1966-1971 Peacock_May20062006
Michael Potts PottsOld2005-2009 Potts_5-19-10SM2010
Lowell Resnick ResnickLowell_Boot1968-1974 ResnickLowell_20062006
Cliff Robbins
George J. Ruof Ruof_boot1963-1967 Ruof20062006
Arthur G. Ruth(Past Commandant)Life Member Ruth_bootSM1945-1949 Ruth_Mar15_2006Small2006
Joe Saracino JoeSaracino_Boot1969-1975 Saracino_Oct2006SM2006
John M. Smith(deceased 6/13/2009) SmithJohnM_boot1942-1948 SmithJ_Mar15_2006small2006
Randy J. Thomas (was active military) RandyThomas active2004- 2014 Thomas_4-20-2011sm2011
Michael J. Triner TrinerOldCorps1974-1978 Triner_April19_2006SM2006
George J. Vennell 1945-1946 Venell_Mar15_2006smal2006
Richard Weaver (Commandant) Weaver1955sm1953-1955 Weaver2011sm2011
Charles L. Webster Webster1_1954SM1954-1962 Webster_6-16-10SM2010
Frederick J. Wright (Trustee) WrightBoot1971-1977 Wright_Sep20062006
Kenneth Yates Yates_USMCdaysSMCro1977-1979 Yates1-19-20112011
Matthew Yates (active military) 2012-current MYates4-18-12sm2012
Robert E. Young YoungR19641964-1970 Young_Mar15_2006Small2006

William J. Kelly

William J. Kelly


kellybill1966-67sm                                                              1966-1968